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"Transam 2.0 - Chiral Amines Through (Bio)Catalysis" conference

March 04 – 06, 2015, Institute of Biochemistry, Greifswald University, Greifswald, Germany

We are grateful to all participants for coming to Greifswald:

Organized with the help of the Euro Fed Lipid Society.

A continuation of the highly successful "1st international symposium on transaminase biocatalysis" held in Stockholm in 2013 (Website).

Program (can be downloaded here as pdf-file)


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- To bring together researchers active in the area of enzymatic and chemical synthesis of chiral amines

- To provide a platform to exchange recent achievements from basic research to applied biocatalysis



Uwe Bornscheuer, and Matthias Höhne, Institute of Biochemistry, University of Greifswald, Greifswald, Germany


Scientific Committee:

Matthias Beller, Rostock, DE
Per Berglund, Stockholm, SE
Hans-Jürgen Federsen, Cheshire, UK
Jeffrey Moore, Newark, US
Dörte Rother, Jülich, DE
Nick Turner, Manchester, UK
Wolfgang Kroutil, Graz, A
Roland Wohlgemuth, Basel, CH
John Woodley, Copenhagen, DK


Institute of Biochemistry, Greifswald University, Greifswald, Felix-Hausdorff-Str. 4, 17487 Greifswald

Program: to be downloaded here as pdf-file.

Confirmed Speakers:

Matthias Beller (LIKAT, Rostock, DE): "Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Catalysis: Tools for Efficient Synthesis of Amines"

Per Berglund (KTH Stockholm, Stockholm, SE): "Transaminase Catalysis: Enzyme Engineering and Amine Synthesis"

Andreas Bommarius (GeorgiaTech, Atlanta, US): "(R)- and (S)-Amines through Amine Dehydrogenase Catalysis"

Gideon Grogan (Univ. York, York, UK): "Structure, Mechanism and Application of NADPH-dependent Imine Reductases"

Gerrit Poelarends (Univ. Groningen, Groningen, NL): "Enzymatic Synthesis of Substituted Aspartic Acids"

Dörte Rother (FZ-Jülich, Jülich, DE): "Synthetic Enzyme Cascades to Pharmaceutically relevant Amino Alcohols - Setup and Optimisation Strategies"

Nick Turner (MIB, Manchester, UK): "Cascade Reactions via Amine Biocatalysis"

Wolfgang Kroutil (Univ. Graz, Graz, AT): "Extending the Biocatalytic Toolbox to Access Chiral Amines"

Thomas Ward (Univ. Basel, Basel, CH): "Artificial Metalloenzymes for the Synthesis of Chiral Amines and Derivatives"

John Woodley (DTU,Copenhagen, DK): "Comparison of Biocatalytic Routes and Processes to Optically Active Amines"

Elaine O'Reilly (Manchester Metropolit. Univ, Manchester, UK): "New Strategies for Chiral Amine Synthesis using ω-Transaminases"

Jan-Erling Bäckvall (Stockholm, SE): "Lipases in Dynamic Kinetic Resolution of Alcohols and Amines. Model Studies and Directed Evolution"

S. Borchert (Enzymicals, Greifswald, Germany): "Development of Biocatalytic Processes for the Production of Chiral Amines from Screening to Batch Process"

Melissa Mayo (Codexis, Redwood City, USA): "Imine Reductases: Engineering of a Novel Enzyme for the Production of Chiral Secondary and Tertiary Amines"

Kai Baldenius (BASF, Ludwigshafen, DE): "150 Years BASF - we create chemistry ...with a little help of enzymes!"

Abstract submission (poster or lecture):

We still have open slots for lectures. Please prepare an abstract using this format and submit it following this link.


Posters submitted until Dec., 15th 2014 can still be considered for a lecture (please indicate this upon submission).

Final deadline for poster submission is Febr. 1st 2015.


The conference language is English.


Registration / conference fees:

For registration please follow this link (note that the conference is organized with the help of EuroFedLipid):

Conference fees:
until Dec., 15th 2014
after Dec., 15th 2014
Undergraduate students (proof required)
75 €
75 €
Ph.D. students (proof required)
125 €
150 €
Academic participants
200 €
250 €
Industrial participants
300 €
400 €

Conference fees include registration, abstract book and welcome reception.

The conference dinner (60 €) is not included.


Cancellations received on or before Dec. 15th 2014 will be refunded in full less a 30 € processing fee. After that date cancellation charge is 50% of the registration fee. If the congress is cancelled for whatever reason, paid fees will be refunded. Further recourse is excluded.


We are grateful to our sponsors: Enzymicals AG (Greifswald, DE), c-Lecta (Leipzig, DE) and Amano Enzyme Europe Ltd. (Chipping Norton, UK)

Travel information:

The closest airports with frequent national and international flights are Berlin-Tegel (TXL) or Berlin-Schoenefeld (SXF). Alternatively, Hamburg (HAM) can be used. From both cities Greifswald can be reached by train. Travel time from Berlin main station is about 2.5-3 hrs, from Hamburg main station about 3-4.5 hrs. See the website of Deutsche Bahn for details. Note that travellers should exit at Greifswald station (not Greifswald-Süd!).

Room Reservation:

See the Greifswald pages for a list of hotels, pensions, youth hostel etc. or email to: zimmervermittlung[at]

Additional Information:

EuroFedLipid, Varrentrappstr. 40-42, D-60486 Frankfurt/ Main Germany Phone: +49 69 7917 345, Fax: +49 69 7917 564, E-Mail: amoneit[at]